About ENAR

ENAR membership is open to all interested persons living in those portions of the United States and Canada east of approximately 104° west longitude (roughly Denver, CO in the US and Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada).

Individuals usually join as Regular or Student members. Applicants must be approved by the relevant Regional or National Secretary or, in the case of applicants for “At Large” membership, by the General Secretary. Annual dues are determined separately by each Region and Group and paid to the Regional Treasurer or National Secretary. A portion of the dues goes to the International Biometric Society to cover the cost of IBS publications.

Tangible benefits of membership include subscriptions to Biometrics and Biometric Bulletin, as well as reduced registration fees for the ENAR Spring Meeting, the Joint Statistical Meetings, and potentially other events.

The value of membership far exceeds these material benefits. ENAR provides a community and meeting place, a forum to share and document achievement, an environment for identifying and fostering the next generation of statistical scientists, and a distinct professional identity. ENAR has been a key contributor to the growth of biostatistics in all its manifestations in our Region; its very existence reflects the health of our profession and its critical importance to the future development of the life sciences. If you have not been a regular dues-paying member of ENAR, or a regular attendee at its meetings, please consider joining ENAR and becoming one.

ENAR (TIN: #52-1107955) is registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit 501c3 organization.
Donations to ENAR are tax deductible to the extent permitted by the IRS.
Membership Dues are not tax deductible.