March 14-17, 2021

About CENS

Council for Emerging and New Statisticians (CENS) was formed in 2012 by ENAR’s Regional Advisory Board (RAB) in 2012 to help ENAR better address the needs of all students and recent graduates. CENS is composed of 10 graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, or recent graduates, who are ENAR members from academia, government, or private industry. With the help of the RAB Liaison, CENS members collaborate to:

CENS Mission

CENS seeks to advocate for the needs and concerns of students and recent graduates in collaboration with ENAR’s Regional Advisory Board. Through annual events at the ENAR Spring Meeting, CENS strives to promote the benefits of participating in the ENAR community, support the advancement of students and recent graduates, and facilitate stronger connections within the statistical community.


We will be recruiting new members March-April 2021! Each member is appointed to a 2-year term. Within CENS, three or four people are chosen to participate in the steering committee, which reports to the RAB chair. Members of the steering committee will serve an additional year on CENS. CENS members will meet in person yearly at the ENAR Spring Meeting and participate in conference calls throughout the year to plan events and address issues as they arise. If you are interested in joining CENS, please email

Upcoming Events

CENS Committee

CENS Steering Committee 2020-2021:
Alex Kaizer – University of Colorado (co-chair)
Jing Li – Eli Lilly and Company (co-chair)
Bryan Blette – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hannah Weeks – Vanderbilt University
RAB Liaison: Emily Butler, GlaxoSmithKline

Current CENS Members:
Nicole Butera – George Washington University
Jeong Hoon Jang – Indiana University
Sarah Samorodnitsky – University of Minnesota
Karissa Whiting – Memorial Sloan Kettering
Julia Wrobel – University of Colorado
Emily Zabor – Cleveland Clinic

Contact Info

If anyone has any questions or comments for CENS, please contact us at Don’t forget to "Like" us on Facebook and join our LinkedIn group.