March 19-22, 2023

2023 ENAR Career Placement Center

The 2023 ENAR Career Placement Center helps match job seekers and employers. To improve efficiency and timeliness for all, the electronic only service includes online registration, uploading of documents and posting of applicant and employer information/materials, all access before and for some time following the meeting, through a password-protected internet-based facility.

Dedicated personnel, employer and applicant reading/planning rooms, and optional private interview suites will be provided onsite. Reading/planning rooms will be equipped with small numbers of printers and computers with internet access. To best use the Career Placement Center, we strongly advise that participants maximize visibility by registering in advance, by exploring the database before the meeting, and by having a laptop computer with internet access available while at the ENAR Spring Meeting.


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If you have an interest in a career in biometrics, you can utilize the ENAR Career Placement Center to get started or get ahead. Many employers attend the ENAR Spring Meeting each year seeking qualified applicants. All registered applicants may register for up to 3 job classification types, receive full access to the placement center applicant reading/planning room, and the online employer job posting database before the ENAR Spring Meeting. Please note that to fully utilize the online database, we recommend applicants register in advance to maximize visibility, explore the database shortly before the meeting and, if attending, have a laptop computer on-site. If you are planning to interview and participate on-site you must also register for the conference and pay the meeting registration fee.


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Each year numerous qualified applicants, many approaching graduation, look to the ENAR Placement Center to begin or further their careers. Organizations including government agencies, academic institutions, and private pharmaceutical firms all utilize the ENAR Career Placement Center. ENAR recognizes the value the Career Placement Center provides to members and, to make it more efficient and effective for both employers and applicants, uses an electronic registration process and an online database of applicant resumes. All registered employers will receive full access to the placement center for up to 3 company representatives, up to 4 job postings, pre-meeting access to the online applicant database of resumes, full conference registration for up to 3 representatives, and access to the employer placement center room. ENAR is also offering those organizations seeking private interview rooms the option to reserve a private room for interviews in 4-hour increments.

Employer Registration
The registration fee for employers includes full access for up to 4 position postings and up to 3 representatives, pre-meeting access to the online applicant database of resumes, up to 3 full conference registrations, and access to the employer placement center room.

Employer Resource Area
ENAR will provide internet access, laptops, and printers available in the employer resource room for viewing the applicant resume database. However, for most efficient use we recommend employers have on-site access to a personal laptop computer.